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This project was dedicated to local brick-and-mortar bookstores that struggled during pandemic. Lack of traffic significantly effected sales, even though the need for real books increased according to statistics. 

During my UX research I discovered the target audience, their needs, preferences, behavior of both - book owners and potential app users. Conducted competitive analysis: explored similar apps with their strengths and weaknesses, based on that I was able to identify gaps and unique features for BookMark. Defined primary objective of the app which is increase bookstore sales and foster community engagement. Developed personas representing different user types, such as bookstore owners, book enthusiasts, or casual readers. And finally started prototyping with low-fidelity wireframes and interactive prototypes to demonstrate the app's structure, flow, and key interactions. After that I started adding col

​For the UI Visual Design  I develop a style and branding for the app including typography, color palette, logo and imagery, ensuring readability and visual coherence. Also worked on Iconography and visual elements: designed intuitive icons and visual elements that convey meaning and aid navigation within the app. Conducted usability testing: obtained feedback from potential users through user testing sessions to identify pain points, areas of confusion, or areas that require improvement.

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